The Game Developer of your Heart

The Game Developer of your Heart

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Developed with Love

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Thrilling Adventures

Just Weizengaming

"Best game developer I've ever seen!" - Everybody, always.

At least it would be that way if we had enough time besides work and studies. Enough crying - As you have probably read already, we develop video games. But not just your standard games everyone can make. You will mainly find retro styled games which easily compare to Triple-A titles.


The games of Weizengaming are like cold beer on a midsummer evening during a barbecue. Or just any beer, beer is always tasty. Just like our games. You can enjoy them every way, always a pleasure.


You're probably thinking that we are like every other indie game developer, right? That's wrong! We are the opposite of "like the others". What makes us unique? Everything. Our style, humour and the love we put in our games.

Our Projects

A Collection of finest Video Games.

Are you looking for an amusing pastime activity?
This you will find here for sure. Pleasure garanteed.

Or are you looking for new worlds you can lose yourself in?
We have that as well. Many of our Triple-A titles create a wonderful world with unique characters and stories.

Have a look and chose the best one (So everyone).

Who are we?

Top Notch Employees can be found here.


Imagine a monkey who starts clapping when you wind him up. Except he produces programm code at least after the Inifinite-Monkey-Theory.


The evil mastermind behind the games.


Nobody knows exactly what he really does here. Rumour has it that even he himself doesn't know how he got on this site.

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