A thrilling pixel-style Retro Point-And-Click Adventure.

We're releasing Insights - Maniac Vortex on April 15, 2021!
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Young journalist Thomas wants to write a newspaper article about the psychatric asylum in the small town Fuchsberg. Not knowing yet that he will be going on a great adventure leading to the greatest article of his life.

During his research for the article he finds out about an incedent which will affect him for a long time and influence the course of the story.

What does this incedent mean? What is up with all of this and what secret does the reverend mother try to hide?

One thing is clear. You don't get locked up in an asylum against your own will without any reason. Explore a world full of insane and unique people with Thomas and safe him from losing his life and mind because he has made himself some powerful enemies with his research.

Do you have the makings and the courage to make the story take a turn for the better?